Women... Do YOU Overvalue Your Vagina?


Women... Do YOU Overvalue Your Vagina?

Women, you’re out of your mind. You might be laughing now, you might think this kind of thing doesn’t happen, but I see it every single day. I see profiles up on the dating sites, saying how these women want a free life. But here’s the thing. You’ll find a man to pay for you. He’ll be about 5’6 inches. He’ll have no game. He’ll have been masturbating to porn for the last 25 years, so he can’t last long in bed.

In fact, the minute he enters your magical vagina he’ll probably gasp and say something like, “God, I can’t believe how fast that happened. I’ll be better next time.”


You’ll realize you’re not attracted to him, but you love the lifestyle. You’ll end up a bitter, twisted, divorced, woman who ends up on a reality show saying how much she hates men. You know the other thing about men who are happy to pay for your lifestyle?

They see you as an investment. Except you’re like a car. You depreciate in value to these guys. After a while, the wear and tear starts to happen, the leather rips, and the paint starts to fade. Eventually he’s going to trade you in for a younger, cuter, fitter model. As cute as he finds you today, he’ll find someone else cuter tomorrow. That’s how these guys work.

Think about it very carefully. You’re about to play a deadly game. You’re about to play a game you won’t win. The money might be nice for a while, but deep down you’re a woman like all the others. You watched the Disney movies. You have the Disney fantasy about meeting the prince. Don’t give up the dream.

Go and find someone who loves and adores you, rather than a man who will just trade you in like an old Jaguar when he’s has enough of you. He’ll head on down to PlentyofFish, or the Match.com dealership and when he’s tired of you playing with your coloring books or Play-Doh all day long he’ll trade you in for something hotter.

Is that what you really want from life?

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