The Label Game - Playing It Cool When You're Not Exclusive


The Label Game - Playing It Cool When You're Not Exclusive
Are you playing it cool even though you want more from a relationship? Here's why you must stop now!

I know how powerful love can be, and how vulnerable it can make you feel. But if you really like a guy you need to take control and stop waiting. Play it too cool and you become the girl he just has fun with. The girl he likes to have sex with. And the girl he hangs around with now and then.

If he’s looking for more of a commitment then your coolness will probably end up chasing him off. He may want more from you but fears rejection if he admits his feelings. Somebody has to step up to the plate and talk about how they feel. As a guy I’m always stepping up to the plate, but that’s the way I’m wired. Not all guys are wired the same way.


You've got one shot at this thing called life. I want to empower you as a woman, so you can become the best version of yourself possible and achieve whatever you desire. That’s what life is about. It’s about taking chances, seizing the moment, and being open and vulnerable to whatever relationships throw at you.

That’s why I created my Women’s Mastery Series to coach you through virtually every single aspect of interacting with men from mindset, to how to attract, to image, and all the way to the bedroom. You can find out more about it HERE.

But in the meantime stop being so cool!

If you like the guy you’re with then tell him. Tell him you want to define the relationship and take it to the next level. If he flakes on you then he wasn’t right for you from the beginning.

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