How Long Are You Going to Wait for a Man?


How Long Are You Going to Wait for a Man?
Are you waiting for Him?

It’s funny, I spent my first week here in Hawaii and I haven’t laid down once.

Maybe 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there, but not for any extended period of time at all, have I been “relaxing”.


I just really enjoy walking around, talking to people, checking people out, having short conversations, looking around, seeing all the different hotels, all the different sensations, all the many different sides to the ocean, talking to people in different hotels.

I just walked and took in nature. I can’t even sit still. I know it’s beautiful and it’s great to just lie there and relax, but I want to be able to take this place in.

I love to walk and experience the things that are around me.

So what’s your takeaway from this?

Most women will sit back, wait for the man to approach, wait for him to come over, wait for him to do everything.

You’re not aware of your surroundings at all. You don’t even notice him half the time. And if you did notice him, you wouldn’t give him any love—no smile, or anything. You basically just wait.

So you wait for him to come over. How long have you been waiting?

If some of you are 25, and you started liking guys at 15, then you’ve been waiting 10 years. Let’s say your 45, and started liking guys at 15; you’ve been waiting 30 years.

You get the math.

Let’s be blunt here: how long are you going to kick back and wait? How long are you going to wait for him to approach? Isn’t it time you started making yourself more open, more aware, more in touch with everything that you are?

It’s time to take it all in, because then you’ll stop looking down when a man walks over and you’ll start smiling, unleashing that sexuality, unleashing the beauty of who you are as a woman.

You’re a sensual, beautiful, sexual being, that’s not afraid of her feelings. If you live from this understanding, you’re going to start seeing new things happen in your life.

You’re going to see men and you won’t be afraid to turn on your sensuality.

And you’re going to start getting asked out.

Drop your old habits and get new men. Not a bad trade right?

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