College Icebreakers


College Icebreakers
How to talk to the hottie who sits next to you!

After 2 minutes decide if you like her and either stay and enjoy the conversation or tell her that you need to read while you eat for a class and ask her if she would like to meet one night in the cafeteria for dinner. It is that easy. 

Frankie from Penn asks:

“I see girls in the library all the time what should I do”?

This approach is all about the walk by. You need to walk by the area that they are sitting and as you walk by smile and see what they do. If they smile at you, you need to make another lap like you a looking for a seat. The next time you walk buy ask her if you can sit down at the table with her.

Now it gets really easy look at her books and proceed with these questions.

What are you studying? Do you like the class?

Is this your major?

What made you want to be a blank major?

Once again, hang out and chat a bit while you are studying. Keep it simple and relaxed, the more relaxed you are the more responsive she will be. 

Dusty from William Patterson asked.

:” I see the same girl all the time in my class how do I talk to her”?

You need to get to class early one day and hang out outside the room, when she comes to class see where she sits and then go right over smile look at the seat next to her and ask her if anyone is sitting in that seat.

You will then sit down and ask her if these questions.

Are you enjoying this class? Did you do the homework?

Talk all about the class, she will give you some information to work on so when class is over you can then proceed with.

Did you enjoy today’s lecture

I agree I really like the part about blank

You can get into a conversation about today’s class. Keep it friendly and simple, keep in mind that you will see her again the next class and all you are doing is laying the flirting foundation.

So now you have a few good icebreakers, how do you know to close the deal?

At the cafeteria and in the Library you will need to keep the conversation moving along, you want to get to know her right? She will be interested in you if you show interest in her. Once she talks for a bit she will ask you some questions. Once she asks you some questions it means that she is interested in you and you can then ask her to hang out. 

If you flirt with her in class, the next time she sees you if she is all smiles and friendly it means that you are money. You are in and you left a great impression on her and she was excited to see you again.

It is that simple. All of these places are easy to meet places without the help of booze. Yea I know you think partying and catching a buzz will help you pick up girls. Let me clue you in on a secret. You will meet more girls in your life when you are alone than you will ever meet with a friend or with a buzz.

Practice all of these flirting techniques and you will be meeting girls all day. You can use these techniques in any location on your campus. All you need to do is follow the 5 step process above and you will be picking up girls all day long without even trying. Enjoy and if you would like to know how to take this to the next level, you will need to wait till next issue.

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