5 Ways Your Lifestyle Can Make You Instantly More Attractive


5 Ways Your Lifestyle Can Make You Instantly More Attractive
How do you attract what you want with your life?

2. Do The Things You Love: So many people go to places they believe they “should” go or “have to” go in order to meet somebody, but which are places they don't enjoy being at all. Is it really any wonder they have trouble meeting people in these places? Instead of going to places where you're not happy to try and meet somebody, pick five things YOU really love to do. Think about what your five favorite things are to do. Then ask yourself whether there are members of the opposite sex present at each of those five things. If not, then go deeper and find five things you're either already interested in or about which you would like to learn. Then go to any of these places to meet people. When you go to places that interest you, you'll already have things to talk about and will naturally bond with people. The reason you have trouble making conversation with people in a bar (or other places you may not enjoy being), is because

when you're someplace you really don't like you have to manufacture conversations instead of just talking about what's already interesting to you.


3. Be Open: Positive people are open to new experiences. So instead of expecting to meet someone when you go out and getting totally disappointed if you don't, be open to what the day or night might present to you. Being open means talking to everyone with which you come into contact, and not only being friendly to someone you find attractive. Just because you are not attracted to the person you're talking to doesn't mean you shouldn't be open and friendly. You never know if that person may have a friend they're meeting later with whom you might end up totally connecting. So be open to anything and everything, because people who are open to whatever presents itself to them always meet people. Remember that every connection you make with someone leads to another, and you never know what (or who) that next connection might bring into your life.

4. Find Your Inner Child: A big part of being attractive to the opposite sex is being approachable. That means when you go anywhere, don't just “show up.” You need to embrace the moment and approach everything with a child-like enthusiasm. Smile, talk to people, ask questions and enjoy yourself. During a recent coaching weekend with several male clients, instead of just “taking them out to meet women” I took them to the beach and had them build sand castles. The reason I did this was to teach them how to have fun again and not to be so serious. If you're serious when you try to meet someone, then you're not having fun and that is not attractive. Life is about having fun just like you did when you were a kid. So what happened with the guys on the beach? They ALL ended up meeting great women who joined in to help them build the sand castles.

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