The Surprising Link Between Sex and Pregnancy- Humor-


The Surprising Link Between Sex and Pregnancy- Humor-
This may be just the information you need, but beware, you may not be ready to hear it!

When informed that “Twinkies” were in bankruptcy he replied “it does not matter as there are enough of them stored in warehouses across the globe, to feed the human race for millennia to come.” And of course, we all know that Twinkies, filled with tremendous amounts of anti-spoilage chemicals will NEVER go bad! He even added a rumor that there was a hidden treasure trove of the golden, creamy delights amongst the monks in Tibet and that indeed, that was the reason they were being harassed by the Chinese government. “It’s really all about the Twinkies” he stated. “In fact everything is about the Twinkies. Without proper Twinkie authorization it is clear that many women become with child, and the numbers are growing!” At this point Dr. Van Doher went on a rant about Twinkies and their relationship to teenage pregnancy and was escorted out by security while screaming “DEATH TO YODELLS!”

It was an ugly scene. 


At the end of the day, this researcher agrees that there is most definitely a link between sex and pregnancy; however we have discovered that the link is most strong in women, and certainly less defined in men. Men however do play a role in pregnancy; however the road to discovery in that area may be long and hard.

Divergent opinions are, of course, welcomed.

For more information of the type of relationships that can lead to sex, and/or pregnancy, go here.


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