OH GOD, That is NOT my Date!!!


OH GOD, That is NOT my Date!!!
Has a date showed up appearing nothing like what they portrayed themselves to be? What did you do?

Now while writing this, a young man who is in grad school came by to look at an empty room in my apartment. He was a pleasant guy and after a while we started to talk about things besides the apartment, and being guys the conversation turned to women. He told me about a date he had 2 weeks ago. He met the woman on the Internet and, well, same story as mine; marathon runner who shows up overweight and unattractive to him. His thoughts? “Oh crap, I do not wanna spend 80 bucks on dinner on this fat chick.”

Well, after all he is in college.


Through the years and all of my research on dating and relationships, I have heard this story relayed countless times from both sexes. You know, the guy with a great head of hair and nice muscles online, who shows up balding, overweight, and in a dirty tee shirt! Geez! So clearly this happens to almost everyone. What I’d really like to know (especially from the women out there) is what did you do when this happened to you? If it hasn’t happened, what do you suppose that you would do if this transpired in your life? And even more-so, have you ever done this yourself, and why?

Do you feel it is rude to just walk away? I mean, after all, if someone is putting forth an image that is untrue, isn’t that a lie, and have they not already lost the right for respect? Is it not, in effect, an abuse of trust?

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, by everyone!!!


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