How to Roll Your Guys Eyes Back in His Eye Sockets, Every Time.


How to Roll Your Guys Eyes Back in His Eye Sockets, Every Time.
A departure from the usual, this is Racy, Naughty, and very, very X-Rated!

Picture a metal rod. And picture your two hands grasping that metal rod, right hand below, and left hand above (like a leftie would grasp a baseball bat) just an inch or two from the top of the rod. Now think of your hands on the rod twisting at the same time in opposite directions, back and forth, over and over again about 90-120 degrees. Now picture your mouth over the top of that rod, also twisting back and forth at the same time.
Well, the metal rod is your guys cock, and when you utilize your hands and mouth in this manner you are basically creating a HUGE AREA OF STIMULATION for him that feels just like deep-throating. As you continue to grasp and twist with your hands, remember to release some pressure , basically more pressure as you twist “in” and a bit less as you twist “outwards.” Your left hand should be just below his cocks head while your mouth works him to frenzied joyfulness.

Pay attention to his responses as you suck his cock, feel the pulses and if you know him well, pull away if you think he’s ready to cum. This will make him insane if your timing is right as you can continue to tease him in this way for quite a while.
Remember that when his cock is in your mouth that he’s a chocolate pop. Licking, sucking, caressing, and even an occasional GENTLE bite will make him yearn for more.


At this point you’re on your own! Have fun with this, remember to keep eye contact as much as possible (it’s easy to get lost in the moment, so don’t!) and be damn sure that as he’s cumming, your eyes are drinking him in, every single inch!

And yes, I will respond to questions! I always do, even though this article is a bit different from what I usually write about!


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