How to Roll Your Guys Eyes Back in His Eye Sockets, Every Time.


How to Roll Your Guys Eyes Back in His Eye Sockets, Every Time.
A departure from the usual, this is Racy, Naughty, and very, very X-Rated!

Now you’re ready to slowly remove his undies, again, remember, eye contact! Gently, slowly move his undies down his legs moving your eyes back and forth between his cock, and his eyes. With your hands, slowly remove his lower clothing from his body so he doesn’t fall over while you buckle his knees with your talented mouth and hands.

Yes, mouth AND hands.


Look up at and him and smile again and then take his delicious cock and begin to kiss up and down the shaft. Begin to make believe that his cock is a delicious, chocolate ice-cream pop and treat it exactly that way, licking and sucking in circles as you would the pop. After several minutes of teasing him bring your mouth to his head and swallow him as deep as you can, only once. Pull slightly away and ask “was that good? Do you want more? Ask for it bitch!” Allow him to respond and begin to caress his balls with one hand by “feathering your fingers” across them gently. What I mean is the following; with your palm face up begin to curl in your fingers from the pinky to the thumb, over and over again. Do this gently but with enough force that he can feel it. You can change techniques and caress or massage, but remember to be gentle as we’re a bit sensitive down there!

Note: If your guy hasn’t yet shaved his balls clean, suggest that he does (at some point, but not now!) as he will be much more sensitive to your touch.

Now with your other hand “cradle” his cock in one hand while licking and sucking with your lips in circular motions just behind the head on the opposing side. Move from side to side to see which side excites him more. When you’ve located his “hot spot” (we all have one, believe me!) work on it for very short periods of time. You’ll know when you’ve located it (if you don’t already know) because his body language will give it away! Now I say short periods because if you spend too much time there he’ll be exploding all over your face!

After you’ve done this for a while, grasp his cock firmly with your other hand after spitting a copious amount of saliva on it beforehand. Begin to give him “head” while twisting your mouth in one direction, and moving your hand in the other direction. This should nearly buckle his knees. Do not continue this for too long though as most men will explode shortly after feeling the wet, warmth of your amazing mouth.
Stop. Look up at him. Say “Baby, I’m gonna bring you home now. Are you ready to explode deep inside my mouth? Do you want that baby? I know you do!” Allow him to respond and then spit on both hands to make sure they are saliva covered. I will explain why this is critical.

Many women I have spoken to, dated, coached, or befriended have complained that “my guy is too big to deep throat.” I can honestly tell you that that is not a problem if you simply follow my next directions.

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