10 Things Men Love About Breasts


10 Things Men Love About Breasts [EXPERT]
Here's why your dynamic duo tops their list of favorite things.

As you are well-aware, men's love affair with the female breast goes back centuries, perhaps even to the beginning of time (before chomping on the apple, Adam may not have known the significance of Eve's frontal accoutrements, but he knew what he liked.) Guys go out of their way to get a glimpse of them at every opportunity. Some spend obscene amounts of hard-earned cash just to watch nubile hotties bare their bounteous assets in seedy, sweaty, prurient palaces, ironically referred to as, "gentlemen’s clubs." Such is their complete infatuation with the blessed bosom. 16 Things You Hate About Your Body That Men Love

But why this utter devotion? And what specifically draws them to your mellifluous mammaries? Read on as I offer ten reasons into man's magnificent obsession.


1. We like how your breasts look. Contrary to what you may think, regardless of size, we find your boobs fascinating. Whether they're large and luxurious or small and sporty, we're hot for your hooters. And while individual men may have a preference for a particular size or shape, overwhelmingly we're enticed by your charms, be they pendulous or pert, pouty or protuberant.

2. We like how they feel. It's hard to say specifically why they feel so nice, but nonetheless, they do. Touch them and feel for yourself. There's nothing else quite like them. That's why, given the opportunity, we can't resist putting our hands (or other body parts) on them (with your consent, of course) whenever they happen to be in the neighborhood.

3. We like to watch them dance. Almost as much as seeing and touching them, we like to watch them in motion. The way they shake when you move, bobble when you walk, or bounce when you jump, they command our attention almost as much as a half-court shot at the buzzer (and you know how we love our basketball). And women jumping on trampolines…well, that just reaffirms our belief in Heaven.

4. We like how they work as a team. Some things are just meant to come in pairs: Socks, shoes, even fang marks from your favorite Twilight hunk. And your "girls" are a member of this wonderfully co-dependent group. While they are individually lovely, together they create one of nature's most awesome vistas – cleavage.

5. We like them as a pillow. Life is tough. And at the end of a day in the trenches of adulthood, nothing is as comforting a resting place for our weary heads as the cushion of your bosom. Cradled in the calming warmth of your natural upholstery, we can relax and regroup, ready to face the world anew, our spirit magically restored.

6. We like them as a handle. Face it; there are some sexual positions where your breasts are perfectly placed to help us hold on as things heat up. And though we often don't absolutely need to hold onto them to prevent us from falling off the bed, (or worse, losing our rhythm,) why leave them out of our love-play? After all, they're a treasured part of your anatomy, and we don't want them to feel lonely, neglected or ignored. Men are extraordinarily considerate that way. Overcome Insecurity & Spice Up Your Sex Life In 5 Steps

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