How To Have A Healthy Sex Life As You Age


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How to keep your relationship sexy, healthy and affair-free as you grow older.

In Your 50s:
Our love lives last into our fifties and beyond—well beyond. Although the list of physical changes grows in the fifties and beyond, we will be sexual beings for our entire lifetime, so this is a great decade to prepare for a lifetime of great sex.

The most important thing to remember in the fifties and beyond is that sex is much more than just intercourse. Make your partner a high priority. Pay attention to his or her needs and wants. Take time to understand the changes you both are facing. Try different positions and new times, so you both enjoy it and are both sexually satisfied.


Believe it or not, even after a lifetime together men and women are still both vulnerable to affairs in this decade because their needs are changing, but their partner doesn't want to make the effort to change with them. So make the time; take the time.

During this decade some typical health issues than can affect a satisfying love life are arthritis, making positions painful; chronic illnesses such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or cancer; and medications that need to be taken for those ailments. For women, she may experience a hysterectomy, which profoundly affects the hormones and sex drive, her period will likely stop entirely, and she will enter menopause. As testosterone lowers in the body, men experience andropause which is very similar to menopause in women.

Thus in our fifties, sixties, seventies and later it is possible to still have a deeply fulfilling, intimate sex life by paying attention to the changes, remaining flexible, and meeting your partner's needs physically and emotionally. Don't forget, the largest sex organ in the body is the MIND!

To really make this advice work, you need to follow these action steps to complete today's challenge.

Right now, I want you to:

Schedule a full, annual checkup. Get information about where you are now, physically. Ask for a full blood work so you know if hormones may need balancing, etc. Information is power and the more informed you are, the better you can address whatever sexual issues you may have. Remember, the goal is better sex!

Within 7 days I want you to:

Once you find out your results from the checkup, this is the time to share the results with your partner and make a plan together. Sex is an issue that affects BOTH parties in a marriage, and physical health affects our sex lives. So work together to review the results, be honest about what you can and cannot do to change or make sex better, and come up with a mutually agreed-upon plan. Begin to get what is needed to implement the plan, whether that be a medication, a gym membership, or a couples retreat. Remember the goal is to create a vibrant sex life!

By the end of the challenge I want you to:

Armed with both the information from the appointment and the agreement with your partner, during the next 30 days put the plan into action. Set weekly goals and a monthly goal, and have a mentor to whom you can turn for encouragement, but who will also hold you accountable to working toward your goals. Check in with your partner daily—this is a great topic for pillow-talk—and if today wasn't a great day, let it go and start anew tomorrow. Remember the goal is create intimacy that is mutually satisfying for both of you and meets both of your needs for physical fulfillment.

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