Does Facebook Cause Infidelity?


Does Facebook Cause Infidelity?

In my opinion rather than placing the blame for this pandemic spread of emotional affairs and physical affairs, I propose that marriage experts and the Christian Church address the REAL problem: lack of marriage education. Our fathers used to teach their sons how to be the man of the family and how to stay married--help them through the various phases of life such as becoming a father, midlife changes, empty nest and growing older. Older women used to teach their daughters how to love their husbands, run a household, and stay married--help them through pregnancy, raising children, menopause and growing older. When divorce became "popular" in the 1970's we lost those role models as our own families of origin were torn apart. Now is the time to teach people about marriage basics such as Love Kindlers and Love Extinguishers, or How Affairs Start--topics such as you would find our on "Articles" page on

And by the way, I'm happily married and yes--I use Facebook for the tool that it is. I use it to stay in touch with my extended family and support other marriage educators. I use it to be in touch with those who are interested in Affaircare by sharing content about how to survive after an affair. And I use it to share concepts such as setting up a boundary around yourself and using protect your marriage from the temptations that are there! The solution is not to get rid of the tool! The solution is to know your own weaknesses, love your spouse enough to protect the marriage, and then set up "rules" that the two of you agree on so that you control yourself!

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