So you think you don’t “need” a man?


So you think you don’t “need” a man?
Beware of “judging” too soon...a lesson from Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

As I shared with my client, when you give someone a gift, you automatically claim the  superior position rather than the neutral or inferior position. Think of it this way: when you give a gift, you are bestowing...awarding...presenting...honoring or gracing someone with something. That is far from a position of weakness – and that’s the root of the issue. Far too many people confuse vulnerability with weakness. I submit to you that standing in your vulnerability is actually the ultimate strength because it takes real fortitude and grace to stand in your power and say “Yes, that’s right. I am who I am and I stand here willing to to consciously take the risk of loving AND needing you simply because it is the right thing to do – and by the way, it lights me up and makes me feel incredibly alive, too.”

Can you imagine how a man would light up when he heard – and felt – words like that? Even better yet – how proud would YOU be if you graciously held the space to love your partner from that position of empowered generosity and abundant love? I promise you this: it is a total game-changer and it will welcome in more joy, love and passion than perhaps you’ve ever experienced. But don’t take my word for it...try it for yourself...




If you feel how empowering and life-changing this shift can be but don’t quite know how to get there on your own, I invite you to contact me just to chat. Let's talk about how you can finally heal any old wounds that hold you back, realign your priorities with what's really important and fully welcome in all the love you truly deserve.

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