So you think men only want “one thing,” do you? Not so fast...


So you think men only want “one thing,” do you? Not so fast...
I can now PROVE that men actually DON’T just want you for sex

Now that she’s taken some time to heal and we have worked on repairing her wounded self-esteem, she had the confidence to pull off something she NEVER could have done  when her sense of self relied on the good opinions of the men in her life. That’s because I’ve helped her to stop outsourcing the job of knowing her value to some man. Here’s the truth: Any time your value is being propped up by the approval of others, you run the risk of having it pulled right out from under you like a cheap rug. Then the next thing you know, you’re flat on your face, bruised and battered, wondering what the hell happened...

But what about the guy?


So why do you think the guy in this story didn’t just go for the easy “option B” and try to get her into bed that night? Why didn’t he just try to “hit it and quit it?” After all, don’t ALL men just want “one thing?” Well, maybe they do...but as our man in this scenario just proved...that one thing isn’t just sex. It’s clear by his actions that what he valued even more than just sex was the company of a self-empowered, radiant, sparkling, feminine, playful, positive, sensual woman who could intrigue him...captivate him...and entertain him. Coincidentally, those are the exact same traits that will keep him...and make her a “keeper,” too. (For the client didn’t always “know” she had it in her...and I can assure you that you have it in YOU also).

Hold on, it gets better...

There’s one other really cool aspect to this story. I already told you that my client’s actions have this man in hot pursuit to get to know her even better. Despite the fact that this man has been totally transparent about his intentions...he has also been a complete gentlemen. That’s because my client has shown up as a lady with class, dignity and high standards...mixed in with a little bit of playfulness...just to keep things interesting. And he’s totally hooked in the pursuit...

Post Script

By the way, she shared one other tidbit with me when she shared the story by email. Here’s a direct quote from the man himself via text: “Thank your life coach for me. That whole sex tonight or not option was well played.” While I appreciate the acknowledgement, the truth is most of the credit goes to the beautiful and newly confident woman who stepped up in place of the wounded lady I first met when she was referred. Now you know why I absolutely love my job. If you’re ready to learn how to attract, captivate and keep an incredible man, I invite you to reach out to me for a free chat. You can absolutely have what you say what you want...if you’re open to learning a better way...

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