So you think men only want “one thing,” do you? Not so fast...


So you think men only want “one thing,” do you? Not so fast...
I can now PROVE that men actually DON’T just want you for sex

It’s been said that if you tell a lie often enough and long enough, it will eventually become accepted as fact. That’s why I want to let you know there’s a dirty little secret out there that dishonors both the good men that get smeared with it every day – and the women who spread this not-so-true belief without even challenging it. The secret I’m talking about is the widely-held and oft-repeated belief that men only want “one thing” out of women. Obviously, the one thing I’m talking about is sex...and I’m here to tell you that belief may, in fact, be grossly exaggerated by well-meaning but unfairly-biased women. After all, it’s not the men who created or perpetuated the story...and in most cases, the men THEMSELVES don’t even challenge it any more.

What if it’s not true?

I want to share a story with you to prove my point about this exaggerated belief. As a Relationship Coach, I work with a lot of women on helping them to end their struggles in the area of relationships and my clients have enjoyed a great deal of life-changing success. Specifically, I help them examine some of their own sabotaging, limiting beliefs while at the same time, helping them to understand and appreciate men in order to bring out the best in them – rather than suffering through the worst from them. The story I want to share comes to you courtesy of one of my superstar clients-in-the-making who came to me after a particularly devastating breakup. I’m really delighted to say that she’s done a lot of healing work and is now on her way back.

Here’s the story

Recently, my client met a guy she found intriguing at a social event. She used the information I taught her and in no time, this man was pursuing her at the party. Since she’s only just begun to open to the idea of a relationship again, she was enjoying the attention and the new-found confidence that comes along with success. She was doing all the right things to intrigue him and stimulate interest...and it was working very well. In fact, it caused him to “up the ante” and try to get her into bed after just having met her. Now I know this sounds contrary to my premise but hang on for a minute...

If you want a different result, you can’t do the same old thing

In response to his advances, my client turned the tables on this man so hard and so fast that even I was taken aback. She claims she was inspired by what I teach but I have to be honest...I never actually taught her what she did next. She turned to him and essentially said, “We can either date and not have sex tonight or we can have sex tonight and not date. Pick one." Her confident swagger and playfulness totally shifted the dynamic and had his FULL attention. Now, as an aside, she confided in me that she wasn't going to sleep with him that night anyway, but went for the big impact statement...just to see what he’d say. So guess what? He immediately opted for the date...which totally proves my point.

Here’s what really happened here

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