Single Survival Tips: 6 Fun Tips To Chase Away The Holiday Blues


Single Survival Tips: 6 Fun Tips To Chase Away The Holiday Blues
How singles can get through the most wonderful, and loneliest, time of the year.

6) Volunteer your time and serve others
The holidays are a time for giving. The only reason you get the holiday blues is because you're focused on what you're not getting. Again, it's simply a matter of flipping the script. It's not possible to feel sad when you are serving from a place of fulfillment. When you do the previous tips I gave you, the gratitude you'll feel will change your state and make you feel really good. The "pleasure chemicals" will be activated in your body, you'll be smiling and feeling good, and the act of giving back only magnifies the effect. What better time to get out there and meet new people than when you're feeling great and smiling bright? In that state, there's no telling who just might notice you. After all, happy is very attractive, no matter who've you've been in the past.

Happy Holidays And Wishing You The "Single" Best Holiday Yet!

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