Ladies...what if you have men all wrong?


Ladies...what if you have men all wrong?
You can either bring out the best in your man...or suffer through his worst. Which would you prefer?

• Why do men always want to fix you?

It’s not that men want to fix YOU necessarily. It’s simply that masculine energy demonstrates its value by solving problems and it can’t do that if it’s emotionally distraught. If a guy’s trying to “fix” you, it simply means he cares and wants to help you not be so emotionally uncomfortable. Once again, a man’s GIFT to the feminine is his ABILITY to be the strong, steady ROCK who can be counted on to be the one you can lean on when emotion overtakes you. It’s only wrong if you decide it’s wrong. Smart women know how to “throw their guys a bone” every now and then and ask them to solve a problem FOR THEM. It makes them feel needed, valued and appreciated...and it also makes them want to do EVEN MORE for you.


Does this make sense so far?

If this resonates with you so far, please check out my site at for even more huge, game-changing distinctions. On that site I offer nearly 2 hours of free training designed to help smart women understand men far better so they can bring out their very best – rather than suffer through their worst. The truth is when you start to just “get” men and understand how they’re really wired, you get to immediately stop treating them like the enemy who’s out to “get you.” Now that’s the start of a beautiful relationship...something I like to call a Legendary Love For Life.



Dave Elliott is an International Relationship Coach and Human Behavioral Specialist based in Baltimore, MD. He is the founder of Legendary Love For Life and the creator of The ManMagnetics Formula.™

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Dave Elliott is a Relationship Expert and Coach who works with clients all over the world. If you're serious about attracting, creating or maintaining the fulfilling relationship of your dreams, contact Dave for a free consultation or check out his work online. He is the founder of Legendary Love For Life and the creator of The ManMagnetics Formula.™

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