Ladies...what if you have men all wrong?


Ladies...what if you have men all wrong?
You can either bring out the best in your man...or suffer through his worst. Which would you prefer?

As a relationship Coach, I work with a lot of women all over the world and I’ve helped countless women transform their relationships with the men in their lives. Now I’m not talking about just significant others and spouses, either. I’m talking about fathers, sons, peers, etc.

The primary issue is that so many incredible, beautiful and extremely intelligent women simply don’t understand men very well and as a result, they not only fail to bring out the very best in them, they often end up seeing them at their worst. I submit to you that some key INFORMATION can prevent all this from happening and create a whole new understanding for all of us. The problem is – without this game-changing information – misinformation leads to misunderstanding and ends up at mistrust. Not a very solid foundation for a deep and lasting relationship, is it?

Why is this?

Simply put, we all navigate the world through our own set of filters and we interpret meaning through those filters. These filters tend to skew information based on our own biases/past experiences or what I like to call our preferences and references. This also includes things we’ve been told to be true by authorities or sources we trust like our parents, friends, the media, etc.

As I said, we all interpret the world through our filters – and one of the primary places we get stuck is in the masculine versus feminine filter. Now this works both ways. Men who try to understand women only through their own masculine filters often end up confused and clueless. Women often get more frustrated, angry or hurt when they try to understand masculine energy. That’s because of how we process information.

H.I.S. vs. H.E.R.S.™

Masculine energy navigates the world entirely differently than feminine...which is really the root of the issue. Now neither masculine or feminine is BETTER – they’re simply DIFFERENT – and they’re designed to work TOGETHER perfectly. Think of these 2 energies like a GPS system for navigating the world. Masculine energy is analytical and logical. It’s about solving problems and taking action. It’s about aggression and protection. It’s about providing and making things happen. I like to think of it this way: H.I.S.™ stands for Human Intellectual System because it’s about figuring out how to fix things or make them better...even if it occasionally makes the mistake of trying to “fix” feminine energy...which we all know is a big mistake. Right, ladies? ;-)

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Dave Elliott is a Relationship Expert and Coach who works with clients all over the world. If you're serious about attracting, creating or maintaining the fulfilling relationship of your dreams, contact Dave for a free consultation or check out his work online. He is the founder of Legendary Love For Life and the creator of The ManMagnetics Formula.™

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