How To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage


How To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage
Follow this seven-step formula for marital bliss and avoid becoming part of the divorce rate.

Another critical topic nowadays is what do you believe about taking care of elderly family members who may need assistance later in life? Do you have an open door policy and a frequently booked guest bedroom — or do you prefer your privacy? Can you see how there could be some huge and fundamental disconnects when family ties start to bind ... or perhaps come undone?

3. Lifestyle and health. Your attitudes about health and wellness — not to mention any current health issues — are also important factors to consider in any aspiring partnership. This area is too important to not be fully authentic or fail to disclose any information or family history you may already know. However, beyond the state of your general health, again, you must have your values aligned as well. What role does diet and exercise play in your life?


If you're a practicing vegan and gym junkie, you're probably going to fall out of step with a partner who's simply a couch potato and junk food junkie. Is it important to you to have a regular gym ritual with your partner or would you prefer a solitary run at dawn — or do they both sound equally repulsive and ridiculous to you? What bothers you more — missing your favorite TV show — or a workout? Can you see how critical your health habits and rituals are in a relationship?

4. Wealth and finance. It's been said that money issues are the number one stressor in relationships, and there's nothing that will bring out more conflict, stress and resentment than two people on totally different financial pages. If you're a scrimper and saver and your partner has maxed-out credit cards, that's pretty much the definition of a deal breaker no matter how much you love your partner. It's just not sustainable because it's literally worlds apart.

By the same token, if you prefer to worry about retirement "later" and your partner is maxing out their retirement account contributions, that's going to cause a huge disconnect as well. Bottom line; if you're not on a similar page in your money mindset, there are a lot of issues that just won't add up in your favor.

5. Always faithful. How important do you think it is to have the same values and expectations when it comes to monogamy and infidelity? For some people, the idea of only one partner for the rest of their life may sound like a life sentence with no chance for parole. For some, it is the most cut-and-dried deal-breaker in the world. What happens if these two people are married?

Would you ever consider an open relationship or bringing in additional partners? Whatever you believe, this category isn't so much about morality. It's more about values — and what you can both comfortably live with 'til death do you part. Keep reading ...

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