Battle Of The Exes: Do You Keep The Ring Or Give It Back?


Divorce: Do You Keep The Ring Or Give It Back?
NFL star Mario Williams and his former fiancée are battling over a $785k sparkler.

From His Perspective

This whole lawsuit situation is so disempowering. What if, instead, a man could use it to find the empowering meaning? That only comes from elevating your mindset, refusing to squabble and asking far better questions:

  • What if he found the gratitude in the situation and remembered how blessed he was with abundance and that this "learning experience" was worth far more to him than the value of the ring?
  • What if he used it to drive him to even more success and wealth because a real man knows he can always find a way to earn more money?
  • What if he took pride in his generosity and knew that the sting of that loss would be an excellent reminder to choose even more carefully next time?
  • What if he recommitted to finding "the right one" for him and used the situation to get even clearer on what he wanted and wouldn't tolerate any longer?
  • What if the price of the ring was a bargain compared to the cost of marrying a woman who would try to harm his ability to make a living?

These are all powerful and life-changing choices but decidedly less news-worthy nowadays.

From Her Perspective

Likewise, a woman could also use this scenario to find an empowering meaning:

  • What if she used it to get clear on her value and take pride on not selling out her principles for any amount of money?
  • What if she embraced her good fortune to have enjoyed such a lifestyle for a period of time and had the confidence that she could absolutely attract it again?
  • What if she was proud of the fact that refusing to keep the ring said far more about the content of her character than anything else — and in fact, her integrity might even be the thing that got her next man's attention?
  • What if she got even more clear on what she wanted and didn't want, and committed to being the woman who could attract that?
  • What if she remembered that men take a great deal of pride in providing for their women and that sometimes having money can create unexpected challenges?

These are just a handful of the empowering alternatives available if she chose to focus on them. Keep reading...

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