2 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Love Life...Pronto!


2 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Love Life...Pronto!
The strategy begins with exposing some of the relationship falsehoods we’ve been fed by society.

Give me a “Hell yeah!” if
- you want to have a drama free relationship.
- you want to euthanize insecurity.
- you want to end the dating exasperation you have experienced up until now.

Hell yeah?
Good. We agree.


Let’s start with a heart-centered strategy
Because you are SO ready to have what you want.

The strategy begins with exposing some of the relationship falsehoods we’ve been fed by society. Somewhere along the way you have been misled about what it takes to create a legendary duo. And when you’re operating with faulty facts it’s nearly impossible manifest the results you want.

But no more.
Let’s clear up a few of those falsehoods, douse you with raw reality (ouch),
point you in the right direction for romance + set you on your smoldering, love-making way.

Juicy, right? I guarantee by following these two essential tips you will extinguish 98% of your frustrations in relationships and pave the way to experiencing the kind of mutually rewarding + loving partnerships you not only crave but deserve.

How’s that for a proposal?
I love going big.

Truth 1-
Men Are “As-Is” Merchandise

Have you ever found yourself on a first or 22nd date thinking he’d be perfect if only he lost a few pounds, put on a few pounds, had hair, had a more impressive career, was wealthier, more affectionate, younger, older blahblahblah?

FACT: Men don’t want to be changed or improved.

But we L-O-V to tweak ‘em don’t we? The truth is, if you’re a woman and have ever dated anyone you have probably wanted to change him. What if I told you that this behavior may be one of the reasons you’re single or unhappy in your current relationship?

Let’s meditate on this.

How would you feel if the man you were with was constantly trying change or “tweak” you? What if he suggested you lose a little weight, earn more money, dress sexier and learn how to cook? Would you feel attracted to him?

Men want to be appreciated for who they already are and you have got to give up trying to change his original packaging. One of the biggest mistakes women make is trying to improve a man into something he’s not.
Imagine it’s date number one. Assess how attracted you are to him, understand what he can provide in a relationship and then decide whether or not you are interested in him. You must look at WHAT IS and decide if he is a good fit for you RIGHT NOW.

If a “yes” bubbles up, then keep enjoying his company. But if a laundry list of “tweaks”
begin to stream through your dolled up, date-ready self? Let. Him. Go.

This is not to say if your honey of two years has suddenly packed on 35 pounds you should just accept it. Communication is critical in any healthy relationship. However, there’s an immense difference between communicating about what works for you and what doesn’t and trying to improve someone.

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