A Little Bit Of Bragging Goes A Long Way


A Little Bit Of Bragging Goes A Long Way
It is all promotion, all the time. If you want to succeed you cannot be a shrinking violet.

“Just don’t be me-first. Roll as many logs to others as you do back to yourself. Promote those deserving friends too humble to promote themselves and you’ll be tending the entire social-network ecosystem.” –Even Ratliff

Know undeniably that what you are offering the world is something you unreservedly believe in. Maintain that “You are anchored with integrity to purpose and meaning.” -Danielle Laporte


Your job is to show up as fully you, enthusiasm and all and let the right clients make up their mind about you.  The ones that don’t resonate will go away + you won’t even have to send them packing.

Do not devalue your currency.

We want you to brag.  Claim your space.
Then we’ll know exactly where to find you.

And that makes it so much easier on everyone.



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