4 Reasons Why You Should Breakup With Him


4 Reasons Why You Should Breakup With Him [EXPERT]
Although you love him that might not be enough to stay with him.

3. You don't trust him. You can't place your finger on it but something seems off with him. Does the fear of being alone or the pain of a potentially unsettling reality cause you to dismiss your gut instinct? Your intuitions are the most effective radar system you have. A women's intuition will tell her something is wrong long before it can be intellectualized or articulated. Don't brush off an intense gut reaction.

One of the best things about being in a relationship is that you have someone you can fully trust in. Do you trust him with your emotions? When you're upset, does he acknowledge your emotional state and respond to it with concern and thoughtfulness? Or is there a shrug of apathy? Do you trust him him to be mindful and honor finances, material belongings and your shared loyalty? Or are you possessed by curiosity and driven to check his snail mail, email, Facebook and Twitter accounts?


4. Your self-esteem is under attack. You want to be with a partner that knows you are not perfect but treats you like you are. Being in love should enhance your sense of openness and receptivity. It should plug you into an electric current of bright energy and acceptance. Are you feeling MORE self-conscious because of the way he treats or doesn't treat you? You don't need to be in a relationship that you need to sacrifice your sense of self. In the end, the relationship you have with yourself is more crucial than the relationship you have with him.

Any and all of the above scenarios have the ability to hold you back. Your extended participation in them is an indication you are ignoring your needs. Consequently, you freeze in the face of fear and the unknown of singledom. If This Breakup Is Right, Why Does it Feel So Wrong

If you want sleepless nights, pounding headaches, shallow breaths, loneliness and limitation than you will continue to accept the above. But you have a choice: extinguish what is holding you back because you're that powerful and love is waiting for you. How To Use Your Breakup To Create The Love You Desire



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