10 Reasons Why He Didn't Ask You Out Again


10 Reasons Why He Didn't Ask You Out Again [EXPERT]
Find out why your first date with him ended up being your last.

5. Your senses of humor and interests are incompatible.  He loves It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. You think it's crass and mean-spirited. You love hiking through the great outdoors and he's afraid of trees and fresh air. Again, neither of you are "wrong," but you're probably not right for each other. 5 Little Ways To Get Him To Commit

6. You were critical of him. There's a difference between playfully teasing a man and being mean. If you're not sure where that line is, lean towards the side of sweet. If he teases you about your taste in light beers, you can hassle him about eating all the fries. A first date is not the time to make snide comments about his haircut, the neighborhood he lives in, his job or where he went to school.


7. You were bossy. Aren't you cold? That's not a very healthy thing to order. Will you hold my purse? Haven't you had enough to drink? Do yourself a favor and keep the demanding remarks to yourself.

8. You have completely different ideas about manners and social discourse. You over-tip, hand write notes, remember everyone's name and know which fork to use for each course. He thinks all of that is uptight rubbish. Again, both of your views are perfectly valid, but you're probably better suited for someone else. Where To Find Your 'Motivated To Marry' Partner

9. You made him share the bed with your three dogs.  The world is full of cat people. And dog people. And hamster people. If you love your dog and he doesn't, find someone who does.

10. Your lifestyle doesn't match his. You're a powerhouse executive who only has Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings open for dating. Truth is some men want a more traditional, stay at home woman. The other half of them find your career prowess incredibly sexy. Look for that man. He will clear every Wednesday happy hour and Saturday morning brunch just for you.

I know it can be heart breaking when someone doesn't ask you out again. You want a man who loves dogs, 47-minute political rants and the way you fill out your True Religion jeans. Wait for the man that loves you just the way you are. Trust me. It's definitely worth the wait.


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