6 Tips for Drinking and Dating


6 Tips for Drinking and Dating
How to have a good time without being a 'good time gal'.

6. Mind Your Garnishes - In this era of modern mixology, bartenders are trying all sorts of inventive combinations. You might look adventurous ordering the Blue Cheese Martini or the onion-garnished Gibson, but your date won’t appreciate it when you go in for first the kiss.

This spring, try to go for something light and citrusy. The mint in a mojito can double as a breath freshener. Or if you’re worried about behaving badly – pick a drink that is light on the alcohol and big on flavor. A mimosa for instance (half orange juice, half champagne) will give you half the alcohol content of a similar drink with liquor.


Now that you’re armed with this information from an expert who has seen many-a-date tank when someone got tanked, hopefully you can avoid any drinking and dating faux pas in the future.

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