5 Benefits To Being Single On Valentines Day


5 Benefits To Being Single On Valentines Day
Single Awareness Day have you feeling SAD? Think of all the reasons why singles have it good today.

5. It’s Sweeps Week – Starting out as a TV casting director and then producer, I am keenly aware of the effect on TV on our social lives. Throughout the month of February, networks clamor to capture as many viewers as possible due to an archaic system for collecting ratings that began in the 1950s.  The good news for you is that during this month, millions of dollars will be spent on celebrity casting, stunning graphics, and shocking storylines for your favorite shows making February 14th the perfect time to spend the night with the boob tube. If you’re curious about the intricate details of February sweeps click here.

So if the holiday often regarded to as “Singles Awareness Day” has left you feeling S.A.D., take a moment to relish all the benefits of flying solo this year.  There are still 320 days left this year to meet your soulmate. Tonight, give yourself a break.

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