Toxic Relationships: Let Go & Create Healthy Love


Toxic Relationships: Let Go & Create Healthy Love
Learn how to use qi gong and other tools to let go of toxicity in relationships.

Think about the positive of strains of the” Temptations’ “My Girl,” (“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day”) and the infectious groove of Smokey Robinson’s “Tears of a Clown.”

Light Therapy


Also, be sure to nourish your serotonin levels by getting plenty of sunlight or using therapeutic full spectrum lighting.

After all, it’s not just an emotional journey of healing when we liberate ourselves from toxic relationships, but it’s also a biochemical journey of healing. We need to nourish our brain chemistry.

Correct Diet Boosts Your Ability to Set Boundaries

This brings us to the idea of boundaries. It’s important to cultivate strong boundaries that empower you to keep toxic people at a distance and cultivate more nourishing relationships. This is the energy of the spleen and stomach.

Thus, often times, people who are challenged with toxic relationships have weak spleen and stomach energies, and weak boundaries.

Eating warm and nourishing foods such as low-fat soups with lots of the orange and yellow vegetables can be very helpful. There’s something to be said for the healing bowl of chicken soup or seafood soup with rich root vegetables—it not only heals the body but also the heart.


Letting go of toxic relationships can be one of the most challenging things we can do, and it takes time to achieve full liberation. Take time to celebrate each step forward no matter how small.

Keep in mind that when you release toxicity from your life, you increase ten-fold your ability to welcome in an abundance of loving and truly supportive friendships and intimate relationships.

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