Toxic Relationships: Let Go & Create Healthy Love


Toxic Relationships: Let Go & Create Healthy Love
Learn how to use qi gong and other tools to let go of toxicity in relationships.

The relationships we engage have a strong impact on our physical, mental and spiritual health.

When relationships are balanced:


(1) We have a release of dopamine that naturally elevates our mood (a chemical which researchers have identified as partly responsible for that elated feeling we get when we are in love or enjoying the company of a special friend). Yet, we are not addicted to that sensation of elation.

(2) We feel empowered to grow in new ways as individuals and as part of the friendship or couple relationship.

Toxic relationships:

*Have a push/pull effect where often one person is pulling away when the other person is pushing forward to become closer.

*Have inequity and co-dependence as central characteristics.

*Are draining energetically, physically and spiritually.

These relationships take more out of you than they give back and can contribute to developing chronic health challenge such as, depression, digestive imbalances, low immunity, and chronic fatigue.

Often, there is a spiritual and energetic bond between yourself and the person with whom you are engaging the toxic relationship.

This bond fuels an addictive-like state of wanting to engage the person although you recognize that the relationship is not benefiting you.

When that craving to engage the toxic relationship is strong, use the following strategies to redirect that craving and longing.

Qi Gong

Qi gong as a movement form and meditation practice can be used to quell the craving to engage toxic relationships.

Unlike yoga or forms of western exercise, qi gong is not only a physical tool for healing but also an emotional healing tool that can be engaged even when you are tired, depressed or physically ill, for all movements can be performed while sitting or lying down as well as standing.

It can also be integrated into your everyday routine as you work, study or perform ordinary tasks. So, it is a practice you can maintain even when your work schedule is fully and busy or other obligations put demands on your time.

Thus, the nature of qi gong allows a constancy in your life. This is an important quality as constancy with healing tools is especially important to disengaging toxic patterns.

An free 12 steps program for using qi gong to reduce stress and create a constant peaceful flow of energy in your life is available at:


Music has the ability to also stimulate the brain and create biochemical shifts by influencing brain wave patterns.

So, get out that “feel good music”—surround yourself with the frequencies of uplifted vibrancy to help yourself during those moments when dopamine drops and you feel depressed and lonely.

Each person’s musical tastes vary, so find the music that resonates for you.

Even if it is not your style, I often recommend listening to Motown hits. Why Motown?

At the heart of all the Motown hits was the band, The Funk Brothers, who had a unique capacity of combining musical frequencies in such a way to uplift the spirit. Is it any wonder that all of those songs were worldwide hits?

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