Three Ways to Build Energy Infused Relationships with Qi Gong


Three Ways to Build Energy Infused Relationships with Qi Gong
Learn how qi gong can help you build relationships that infuse and nourish your life.

STEP TWO: Awareness Creates Insight into Relationship Flows

Qi gong trains you to become sensitive to energetic shifts so that you can recognize when the energy of relationships is changing. Thus, you are then enabled to take a proactive position in illuminating areas that are working well and exploring areas that need growth.


Sensitivity to energy also allows you to recognize when a relationship is building you up and encouraging growth or if it is depleting and tearing you down.

If you notice a depleting cyle of energy, try to let the other person know that you notice this imbalance and explore together how to create more balance.

Yet, if you are met repeatedly with resistance when you try to bring the energy shifts into awareness, understand that you may be in a deeply erosive cycle that may be out of the range of restoration.

Recognize that if one person is resigned to the idea that the relationship is just not working or cannot work, this attitude reflects an expression of collapsing energy. Not a good sign.

Remember that we cannot change the beliefs that other people hold or their comfort levels to work through challenges. Some people are more comfortable with believing that it is possible to work through the natural bumps or misunderstandings that occur in relationships, while others resign themselves to things not working out at the first signs of challenges.

STEP THREE: Discern Where to Place Your Energy

Qi gong trains you to give yourself permission to choose where to put your energy.

Just as I tell my students during movement class, give yourself permission to follow the movements that resonate the most for you and make that part of your practice. So it is with relationships.

We can give ourselves permission to choose to surround ourselves with people who are being forthright, communicative and willing to work together in teamship versus with people who are being less than candid, non-communicative, or resistant to team work.

When you allow yourself to be surrounded by people who can meet you with enthusiastic energy to meet all phases of a relationship, you will find yourself infused with energy, joy and great ability to express your full human spirit.

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