40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is

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40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is [EXPERT]
... featuring advice from our Experts Joy Bufalini, Jana Beeman, Kay Hutchinson & Helen MacMillan!

7. You will feel more creative to express yourself. So many people lock themselves into boxes based on body image and imagine that their size or shape limits them from wearing certain type of clothing or engaging in certain movements. When you accept yourself, you will find yourself naturally experimenting with ways to creatively express yourself through the clothing that you wear, and feeling more comfortable to use body language and the way you move your body through space to communicate your power. —Kay Hutchinson

8. You will feel more grounded spiritually. Our bodies are the home for our spirits. So, when we accept our beautiful homes, we naturally will feel more centered spiritually. Each person's home has its own unique qualities, and the more we can accept that uniqueness and celebrate it, the more our spirits feel rooted and strong. —Kay Hutchinson


9. You will be empowered to a higher awareness of the mind/body connection. When you accept your body, it allows you to be more highly attuned to the relationship between your physical and emotional selves. Thus, you'll be able to notice when your physical states may be impacting your emotional moods or ability to focus mentally, and act accordingly. —Kay Hutchinson

10. You will have higher levels of energy. When we feel wonderful about our bodies, we naturally hold ourselves more upright, which improves posture and blood circulation to rejuvenate the blood flow to to our internal organs. This allows us to feel more energetic as we move through our days. —Kay Hutchinson

11. You'll feel sexier. When you love your body, you feel better about yourself. You're less inhibited. Don't waste precious time and energy putting yourself down and comparing yourself to others. You are a masterpiece! Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one else on this planet exactly like you. Celebrate you! —Helen MacMillan

12. It makes shopping easier and more fun. When you're comfortable in your own skin, you dress differently. You'll actually wear brighter colors and more daring clothes because you're not afraid to stand out and be noticed. You'll actually choose clothes that make you feel good and that you really love rather than what "looks good on you." It's also easier to look in that dressing room mirror! How to start: make a habit of focusing on your attributes, the part of your body you do like. —Helen MacMillan

13. You'll be more confident. People who are uncomfortable with how they look represent themselves differently from those who have a healthy body image. When you love your body, you feel more comfortable and relaxed in it and people are more relaxed and comfortable around you. How to start: compliment yourself every day! —Helen MacMillan

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