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Before God's Eyes


Please join me as I reflect on the essence of truth. It's called humility and leads to spirituality.

Before God’s Eyes

When I was just a little boy, my mother made things clear.   Just tell the truth, behave yourself, there’s nothing you should fear. The years went by, I told a lie, and learned the hardest way. Her punishment was justified; I remember to this very day.

And when I was a teen, one day I looked around. The truth was like a tennis ball, just back and forth, smashed all aground. It made me very angry. That’s all I need to say. I can’t believe that grown adults can choose to act this way.

We see it in the business world and on the news each night. To change our words to match our acts is cowardly and just not right. So when I pick a movie or choose a book to read, I try to stay away from those who lie, deny, and must deceive.

We’re products of our images; your heart will tell you so. The spirit must be nurtured, or hurt and pain will never go. So if we tell our children that love can conquer all, we damn well better show them, how pride and greed precede the fall. The answers were so simple, before we told those lies. It’s time to say I’m sorry, and genuflect Before God’s Eyes.

D.J. Diebold, CAC, LISAC


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