Why Men Cheat & How To Prevent It From Happening To You

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Four tips to avoid infidelity in your relationship.

2. Never let him forget you exist. You don’t want to smother your man or seem clingy, but he is your man. If he's at the office late or out with the guys, you can text him a quick "I love you," "I miss you" or "I have a special surprise for you when you get home!" Just don't ask him where he is or when he'll be home. You've still reminded him he has a woman at home who loves him and is thinking about him. Use your love to force guilty thoughts out of his mind.

3. Let him know the consequences. Early in the relationship, you can let him know in a lighthearted way (but with a deadly serious undertone) you will not tolerate a cheater. Tell him straight out when he's basking in the afterglow of your affection. He will remember that and think about it before he cheats. It may not stop him, but if you are still worth coming home to for him, it just might.

4. Don't nag. Some men live for their girlfriends, and some men just put up with them. Be the kind of girl men live for. It won't make you "unliberated." In fact, it will probably make him your willing cabana boy, doing everything he can to please you. Cook meals he enjoys, watch the football game with him, give him space and silence when he wants to read the paper or watch the news, and give him plenty of brief touches and smooches so he never loses that connection to you.

And above all, don't nag him or argue in a destructive way. Remember, you are his support system, so when you beat him up, that can throw him into emotional turmoil with nowhere to turn. He doesn't have all of the options you do — tears, girlfriends, mom or leftover pizza. The open, tender arms of another woman might just soothe his soul.

There are no magic bullets or guarantees to keeping him faithful. Just be the best part of his life, and chances are he'll be the best part of yours.



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