How To Make Your Boyfriend WANT To Move In With You


two toothbrushes
Are you ready to live together? It's as easy as these six, simple steps.

If he balks, respond like it's no big deal. You were just trying to be practical. You could both save some money and be together more often. He could help you with some things around the house, and you have a nice washer and dryer he can use (or you can help him with his laundry, if you like).

You want to keep it a balanced kind of deal, so don't promise too many household services. There are certainly ways to make the move a win-win situation. Playing house is not only practical and a lot of fun, but it also gives the two of you the opportunity to see if there is room for more growth in your relationship. You want to make sure you both are ready for this step, but it should seem natural and not like a huge upgrade in your commitment. If you take a month or two to set it up, it might just seem like a nice comfortable baby step your man can't refuse.

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