How To Make Your Boyfriend WANT To Move In With You


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Are you ready to live together? It's as easy as these six, simple steps.

3. Call it home. Start referring to your place as "home." At the end of the date, say "Let's go home." Men like a comfortable home, and chances are your place is a lot neater and more comfortable than his. For a man in love, the one thing that really makes a place home is you.

4. Get him to stay there more and more often. He doesn't want to leave your side on a cold winter night, trudge through snow, and brush off his car. A trip across town when he's tired is a hassle no matter what the weather is like.


So get him to stay, and tell him to pick up enough work clothes for two or three days after work and come back again. If you can get him staying there on work nights, you’re halfway there.

5. Get him invested in the household. Let him do some handyman repairs around the place, have him help pick out some paint for the bedroom and let him help you paint. Set up an area somewhere where he can work from his laptop or play video games. Get NFL Ticket on DirecTV, and keep a twelve pack of beer in the fridge.

Get him used to helping himself to a beverage, cooking a meal or even taking a quick shower. Let him serve you sometimes too, and just let him make himself at home. Put a fun picture of the two of you on the mantle, and let him add a few trappings of his man cave where they won’t detract from your décor.

6. Make a practical appeal. Men are practical creatures, and if he's practically living there anyway, maybe it would make sense for him to move the rest of his things there. He's using his place less and less, and you're both committed to the relationship for the foreseeable future. Toss the idea out there as a no-brainer passing thought and see how he reacts. Keep reading ...

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