You Have To Leap To Soar


You Have To Leap To Soar
Want to get over fear and doubt? Read these tips to start feeling great.

Something in you is always calling you to dive into your greatness. Once you make this positive affirmation, you will discover that you have always been amazing, talented, unique, powerful, expansive, abundant and destined to live an incredible life. On some level, we always know this. The challenge is getting to a place where we leap no matter what we are currently experiencing. Here are three things to contemplate when it comes to hoping for a better life and taking chances.

Choose: The decision-making moment is often scary
I am an Indiana Jones fan. Indy was always being chased by bad guys and usually came to a ledge. His choice was to jump and die or be caught and die. At one point, I remember clearly that he stopped and brought to his awareness that there was the possibility that he would be supported and so he stepped out. Miraculously a bridge appeared below his feet. Such an incredible metaphor for taking chances. He took a leap of faith and he was scared. He did not allow his mind to talk him out of what could be a "saving grace" moment.


Risk: Pain often pushes us to the precipice
I once read a story about a woman, 32 years of age, who reached a crossroads in her life. She was sitting at her desk, in a high-powered job, and had a vision of herself being old and unfulfilled. That image jumped to a time when she was a child and wanted to dance more than anything. Her parents invited her to do something else because she was not great at dancing. She gave it up, but with it gave up a piece of her soul. That vision was a defining moment. She decided then and there to go out and dance for the love of it. That painful moment and the new decision changed her life.

Faith: You will fly or develop wings
Many years ago, I was in an acting class and a very good-looking man came into the class. His name was Greg and he was not a seasoned actor but worked really hard to become proficient. He told the class that he had studied acting in college but was not ready to get serious. We became friends and over coffee I discovered that he was Greg Louganis, the Olympic champion diver. Yes, he was the man who had won many diving championships and in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, hit his head on the springboard in the preliminary round. He came back to win a gold medal and be named ABC's Wide World of Sports “Athlete of the Year.” He took that challenge and turned it into a defining moment of Activated Faith.

Please affirm with me: I am ready and willing to leap into my greatness. I trust that the net will appear and I will soar!

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