How to Have More Sex With Your Wife or Girlfriend


How to Have More Sex With Your Wife or Girlfriend
Here are some surprisingly simple ways to help your woman get in the the mood more often.

2. Doing housework is sexy. Men do not seem to like this one, but I assure you that helping around the house is one of the sexiest things you could do for your lady. One of the most common reasons I hear women say they aren't in the mood? They are tired and resentful of the fact that after a long day, they are doing shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc., too.

She’s worn out, and is it any wonder? If you find housework tedious, she does too - and giving her a hand gets it done that much quicker so that both of you have the energy to get dirty in a much more fun way.  Pay more attention to the state of your home, and odds are she’ll have the energy to pay more attention to your manhood.


3. Don’t skimp on the foreplay. This may take some work on your part, but at least it’s FUN work! If you focus on making sure she gets off every single time, even if she says it’s OK and not to worry about it, she’s really going to get into it.

Think about it - if you master the art of pleasuring her and give her an earth-shattering orgasm every time, she'll be much more likely to get naked. Make it your mission to give her a climax. Be patient. Use a bullet vibe on her if necessary. Humans tend to like to reward positive behavior. If she starts to associate skin-tingling, toe-curling orgasms with YOU, she’s definitely going to be on board with having sex more often.

Have any tips or tricks for turning on or pleasing your partner? Share your thoughts in the comments!

More about me: I am the owner of an online romance store and have been selling sex toys and lingerie for the last 10 years. I just opened a brand new plus size lingerie store in San Jose called Curvy Girl Lingerie. We focus on plus size lingerie and helping women to get in touch with all of the pleasure your body is capable of!

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