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5 Incredible Vibrators That You Absolutely MUST Try

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vibrators that you must try

These will give your solo sexy time a MAJOR boost.

Real women rarely buy those missile-style vibrators used in porn. Come on, they’re 10 inches long and made of hard plastic. Seriously, do you really want to play with something made of hard, cheap plastic that looks more like a baseball bat than something you want inside you?

I have been educating women and couples about sex toys for over 10 years, and I’m here to tell you there's something much better out there! If you haven’t had the time or courage to try out a sex toy, now’s the time. Here are my top 6 sex toys to try before you die:

1. The Original Rabbit Pearl

You may remember this one from a famous episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte refused to leave her penthouse (and her toy) to have brunch. She ultimately needed an intervention, and for good reason! This thing gives women about 3 to 4 inches of penetration with simultaneous clitoral stimulation from the rabbit ears. The rotating pearls are right around the vaginal entrance, where women have a super concentration of nerve endings. To boot, the rabbit ears hug and tickle the clitoris at the same time — the double stimulation is a magic combo for most ladies.

2. The Hitachi Magic Wand  

Just about everyone from your grandma to your kid’s school teacher has heard about it. It may not look all that pretty, but it gets the job done. Its original intent was as a “back massager”, but, in truth, the massager feels good anywhere and everywhere on your body.

3. The Lelo GIGI

This is a G-spot massager that was actually designed pretty. It’s rechargeable, and has a flattened tip that delivers 5 intense levels of vibration to your most sensitive parts. The best part is that it’s super quiet, allowing for really discreet (and orgasmic) play. 

4. The Lelo Nea

This toy is compact, versatile, and a whole LOT of fun. It's rechargeable, so no batteries required! It fits perfectly over your pubic bone, providing intense clitoral vibration. Bonus! It’s small enough to wear inside your panties and use as a hands-free vibrator when you’re out and about.

5. The Lia Magic Wand

It's a recent favorite of mine since the vibration is completely different from other toys. It feels more like a Philips Sonic Care toothbrush than a traditional vibrator. It has 10 speeds and a g-spot “bend” to it, so you can hit that sweet spot on your own. This toy has two special features I absolutely love. Not only does it include a "Kill Button" that instantly shuts off the toy in the event someone interrupts your alone time (great for moms with kids!), but it’s smart, too. Like a good man, this toy remembers your favorite speed, so if you like tend to use speed 4, this toy NOTICES it and will automatically start on speed 4.


More about me: I am the owner of an online romance store and have been selling sex toys and lingerie for the last 10 years. I just opened a brand new plus size lingerie store in San Jose called Curvy Girl Lingerie. We focus on plus size lingerie and helping women to get in touch with all of the pleasure your body is capable of!


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