13 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms


13 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms
Ever wonder if your woman isn't really getting off? Check out these common reasons she fakes it.

10. She may only be able to get off with a vibrator and be afraid that her partner will feel inadequate if she brings a sex toy into the bedroom.

11. She may not know how to tell her partner what she needs.


12. She may have never experienced an orgasm and therefore does not know what she’s missing.

13. She may feel horrible about her body, which distracts her from pleasurable sensations that could lead to orgasm.

But the real problem with every single item in the above list boils down to one thing: communication. Without it, your sex life will fall apart. Communicating can easily make your sex life smokin’ hot, and as my friend Emily Morse of www.SexWithEmily.com says, "Communication is Lubrication."

When these women opened up to me, part of me was sad. Every woman should be able to experience the kind of pleasure that sex can provide. The other part of me was inspired. Shortly after I compiled all these answers, I started my mission to help women stop faking it and just have one.

For those women who have difficulty climaxing or who have never experienced an orgasm, I’ve been explaining that using a small silver bullet vibe on the clitoris during the act can help most women get off almost every single time.  

What do you think about this list? Is there a reason I’m missing? Have you banished fake orgasms from your bedroom? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

More about me: I am the owner of an online romance store www.BlissConnection.com and have been selling sex toys and lingerie for the last 10 years. I just opened a brand new plus size lingerie store in San Jose called Curvy Girl Lingerie. We focus on plus size lingerie and helping women to get in touch with all of the pleasure your body is capable of!

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