Worth The Wait: Why You Shouldn't Rush Into Relationships


Worth The Wait: Why You Shouldn't Rush Into Relationships
Being alone is better than being lonely.

Being Alone Doesn't Mean Being Lonely. Just because you are without a partner for a period of time does not mean you have to be lonely. Spending time on activities you enjoy, taking up new hobbies, or enjoying cultural events can help you heal. Removing the pressure to "find the right person" will allow you to explore new opportunities and experiences in a non-intimate fashion. By becoming active in a sport or other activity, you can rebuild some of the self-esteem you may have forfeited in the aftermath of your break up. Enrich your mind. Expand those horizons. Try some things you've never experienced before. These efforts too can go far in the healing process.

But What If? Everyone is unique, and some people simply are not good at self-work—the art of stripping away layers of skewed perceptions or unresolved emotional issues. For many, the best approach to recovering after any significant life upheaval, including a failed relationship, is a trained professional who is experienced in life's changes and personalized life coaching. Enlisting the assistance of such a professional can smooth the transition from lonely to fulfilled, while you're finding that brilliant you again.

Curt Canada, MSW, Board Certified Coach coaches and advises clients seeking to better personal and professional lives at Adapting2Change in Washington DC. Curt holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Education from American University.

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