Coaching Personality, Unhappiness, and Career Choice


Coaching Personality, Unhappiness, and Career Choice
you could be in the wrong job or career

Defining your goals and breaking them down into manageable steps
Rebuilding your resources
Managing, refreshing and balancing your energy
Recognizing and containing “threats”
Negotiating techniques
Building your skill portfolio

Depending on your personality and situation, you might also want to seek a combination of goal-oriented steps that allow progress inside your career, while also working toward an independent solution.  For instance, many people—especially in a distressed economy—are considering starting a home-based business or consultancy.  Whether this is a part-time money maker, an adjunct to a full time career, or a move toward total independence, sometimes simply establishing a little autonomy goes a long way toward restoring confidence, self esteem and balance in your professional life.


It’s important to have a workplace strategy that is customized for you—a strategy that will help you thread your way through all of the frustrations and blocks on your path.  And this is where a personal career coach can help.  As a coach, I have no invested motive in directing your workplace behavior so that it benefits the company.  My sole concern is you—your happiness, your family, your health, your success.


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