How To Be Happy With Yourself: 4 Tips To Pacify The Perfectionist


How To Be Happy With Yourself: 4 Tips To Pacify The Perfectionist
It's time to revamp your to-do list, reduce the pressure, and learn how to be happy with yourself.

Let’s talk about life nowadays. It’s crazy, isn’t it? We all have to-do lists a mile long and we are constantly being pulled in different directions by our careers, spouses, children, and other responsibilities. What’s the result? - a world full of tightly-wound, super-efficient, multitasking mamas. That’s fine for a while, but over time the stress builds on us. Our efficiency and heroics become less important as our health declines, our relationships suffer, and our mindset becomes downright depressing. We know we should slow down. We know we need to let go and relax. We know we should enjoy life. Yet, what do we do? We plan elaborate birthday parties with Martha Stewart centerpieces and Paula Deen menus. We clean the house from top to bottom whenever company is coming. We volunteer to be the snack mom for Billy’s soccer games. We get all of the perfect gifts for each and every member of our family for all of the holidays. We make sure that the projects we turn in at work are absolutely out of this world - we read them, and reread them. We correct them, and correct the corrections. And on top of all that, we get up each and every morning and primp and paint ourselves to look our absolute best. When you think about it, part of the reason we become overwhelmed and depressed is because we feel like we are constantly moving - constantly doing, but we rarely feel like we are accomplishing anything we want to do. We’re doing a lot, but it’s not meaningful. So, today, I present you with 4 masterful tips to pacify your inner-perfectionist and figure out how to be happy with yourself.

Know what is important to you and invest your resources wisely. Take a look at how you are spending your time each day. Which tasks are you doing because you should do them, versus because you could do them? Do whatever you can to reduce the size of the should-do-list. Delegate, skip tasks, cut corners. Then, add items to your list that you want to do be doing. These are the tasks that you should spend your time and energy on. 

Lower the bar. I hate to break it to you, but the expectations by which you live are yours - and no one else’s. Make your expectations realistic. Yes, you probably should feed your family. No, they are not going to become unhealthy and overweight by eating takeout a few times a week. And if you feel that anyone expects you to do anything a certain way - call them out on it. Ask them! You’ll be amazed by how many of those expectations do not really exist.

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