“My Marriage is Falling Apart! How Do I Stay Solution-Oriented?"


“My Marriage is Falling Apart! How Do I Stay Solution-Oriented?"
Navigating the challenges of relationship breakups begins with "knowng who you really are"!

I also knew that a lack of love had nothing to do with why we split up. What seemed like a huge failure turned out to be my greatest life lesson: Love is not limited to boundaries, licences, zip codes, surnames, or even this lifetime. Love is a place within. It transcends time . . . and asks for nothing in return.
I made a decision to honor my life—to honor my needs, dignity, and self-respect. I am now with a man who holds me in the highest regards from the biggest stuff, right down to the tiniest details. Love shouldn’t hurt. It shouldn’t be difficult, demanding, exhausting, and draining. Love lifts you up where you belong!

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