Beauty is In the Soul


Beauty is In the Soul
Shift your internal "energy": turn up your light and shine your most radiant and beautiful self!

Since everything from the thoughts we think to the words we speak, how we nurture ourselves and each other, the surroundings we live in, whom we associate with, and even the way we handle stress is energy, then understanding energy is crucial. Compare it to this fabulous Zen parable: A fish prince one day asks his mother, “What is this ‘water’ that I keep hearing about from everyone? I’m not sure what it is!” To which his mother replies, “You were born in water, and you will die in it. It flows through you and around you. It’s so much a part of you that you’re unaware of it.”

Jesus Christ and the Buddha lived with the highest levels of human consciousness, transcending beauty into an effortless and enlightened state. This is the quest for all of us, for the more energy we have, the more powerful we are. As we begin to abide by the powerfully potent energies of trust, faith, love, acceptance, and detachment, our world becomes exactly as it is supposed to be, and we understand the saying, “When everything is meant to be, it just falls perfectly into place.”


When we are willing to have the courage to face and make peace with parts of our lives we are least proud of, freedom, authenticity, congruence, self-acceptance and love emerge. 

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