Your Health Affects How You Feel


Your Health Affects How You Feel
How you take care of yourself can determine how you live and feel.

Jerry came to my office because of the “pressure” from his wife.  “If I don’t change my involvement with the family, my wife threatened to kick me out,” Jerry said with a tired look on his face.  As I completed the mental health evaluation, Jerry mentioned he felt blah throughout the day and consequently didn’t have much energy to do things with the family.  He described his home life as demanding, as he tried to “please” his wife and kids. He did not sleep well and struggled to get up in the morning. He complained about being tired through the day (unless he had his quota of coffee or soda pop), as if all his energy was sapped out of him. By the time he got home from work, he felt like going to bed, which only added to his wife’s list of complaints that he didn’t do anything with the family. When I asked about his eating habits, he said breakfast was usually coffee, lunch was often fast foods, and he snacked on soda pop or junk food throughout the day.  He did have a “meat and potato” dinner with a snack before bed (ice cream or cookies and milk).  After hearing about Jerry’s life, it was obvious his mind and body were exhausted, and he was suffering from depression.  If you or someone you know is like Jerry and must get to the point of feeling terrible before seeking help here is some information that will help.

Your brain works like an electrical circuit box firing millions of impulses to activate your mind and body.  As a high-functioning, living organism, your brain needs proper nutrients to fuel the circuits for proper firepower.  Just reading the paper while munching on a donut and chugging a cup of coffee requires a great deal of brainpower.  The food you put in your body has everything to do with how your body reacts.  God created the brain to function at its best when fed by food that is alive with nutritional value, like vegetables, fruits, grains, or nuts.  Many of the foods you eat may be processed, preserved, salted, sugared, and flavored, resulting in foods that are nutritionally dead.

With poor nourishment, your mind will think poorly, your senses will feel poorly, and your body will move poorly.  It cannot be emphasized strongly enough how important the connection is between your physical body functioning and your emotional state of mind.  Typically, people like Jerry who are emotionally stressed are more likely to have improper nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles that result in poor brain functioning.  When you do not function well physically, you do not function well emotionally.

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