Infidelity Repair and Healing


Infidelity Repair and Healing
Infidelity can be heart wrenching. There is a way to heal and repair. Couples may return to trust.

6. Attend Individual  and Couples’ Counseling or Coaching
Choosing to go to counseling or coaching together as well as separately is a commitment to a healthy outcome. This gives you the support you need from a neutral outside source. The choice is a statement to each other that you want to grow a healthy garden in the compost.

7. Be Willing to Release Resentment
When infidelity occurs, both couples are prone to some kind of resentments in the aftershocks. Be willing to release these resentments. The steps offered in Part I and 2 of this series will assist both of you with that.

8.Respect Your Uniqueness
Each couple will have unique needs that arise from your healing passage. Take time to listen to each other. Respect each other’s differences and requests as valuable. Find ways to meet each other that feel right. Compromise, meet in the middle, or simply give when it feels just right.

Assume that infidelity recovery is an ongoing process. Continue to use it as such. Be willing to have regular meetings to see how each person is doing and what is needed.

Long term patience is universally necessary after trust has been broken. I have found this to be vital for couples who are able to find their way back to wholeness. The infidelity will bring up all kinds of aches and pains from past and present that need lots of time to be addressed. Be tender, knowing that time used in positive ways, brings lasting rewards whether you choose to stay together or part ways.

Broken-Heart Help: Healing From Infidelity [Expert]
Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, PhD and Relationship Coach



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