Stay Cool! 8 Easy Ways To Beat The Summer Heat


Stay Cool! 8 Easy Ways To Beat The Summer Heat [EXPERT]
Follow these eight essential tips to stay cool this summer.

7. Stay cool. Find cool places to spend time. Shopping malls, department stores, movie theaters, grocery stores and libraries are all cool, well-ventilated places. Going to public locations will encourage movement and activity, which you may not engage in during the blustery heat. Cool baths or showers can also help lower body temperature.

8. Exercise. Exercise is still required during the summer months.  The best way to stay consistent with your exercise regimen is to reschedule it. Move your workout (or kids' playtimes) indoors or into the shade, preferably in the early morning or evening. 

Many of the choices that we commonly make during hot summer days will add excess sugar, calories, stress and fatigue. The application of these health tips will allow you to be compliant with your diet and exercise essentials throughout the hot summer months.

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