Why You Shouldn't Save It For The Prom!


Why You Shouldn't Save It For The Prom!
What are you waiting for?

Did you ever hear the saying, "Don't save it for the prom?" It means, "What are you waiting for? What are you saving something for? Why are you not doing it now?" Many of us like to wait. We wait to wear nice clothes until we lose weight, we won't speak up in a relationship until we feel better about ourselves, and we won't put our needs first until we think we deserve it.

The big question is: Why are we all waiting? Are we waiting for big event, a good feeling, or the right number on the scale? And only until then we will give ourselves what we need?  Well here's some advice: Stop saving it for the "prom!" The prom is now, and the prom is your life. So, start feeling good today. Wear the clothes you like now, ask for whar you need daily and that is it. So, stop waiting! Stop waiting for the "prom" in your life because today is all we have for sure. 

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