Soul Mates


Soul Mates
I believe that we can have many soul mates in our life, each relationship helps our soul evolve.

I believe that we can have many soul mates in our life, each relationship becoming a part of our soul’s evolution. Soul mates bring us to different levels of ourselves until we reach the beloved experience within, the ultimate partnership. Soul mates can be stepping-stones to the beloved experience. I have met couples who have stayed together through the struggle and have evolved into the safe, sacred and passionate belovedness.

When people think of a soul mate, they think of soul meaning one, the only one. A soul mate is a mate for your soul, your partner – at this time – to take you to the next level. It really doesn’t matter whether it is a level of pure love or darkness, it’s what you have attracted and it is where you are now. You may attract a soul mate with whom you have no struggles, no apparent issues and everything seems happy. Suddenly, out of the blue, your partner leaves you and you had no clue that he or she was unhappy. This blow hurts deeply and the shock leaves you confused. This wake-up call should take you inside your heart to look at yourself and ask why you didn’t notice the signs. No one leaves a comfortable, loving relationship. It takes two to make or break a relationship.


People say I have found my soul mate … THE END … that’s it. I don’t think we can ever say that finding our soul mate is the end of the journey. If two people are in relationship, with their souls continuing to evolve and grow, they will remain in that experience until something shifts or shatters the relationship. If one person stops growing emotionally in the relationship, it is up to the other to make the choice to find another place to heal and to find their higher vibration. It’s our choice!
The soul mate relationship is a significant relationship that creates an opportunity for powerful emotional work.

I believe that two willing people, ignited in their own love can experience the dance of past pain and the dance of present joy together.

The Dance

To show up to Dance
is the greatest experience
One of us may stop dancing for a short time –
To take a breath or two …
Patiently waiting
For the song of love
to ignite the moment
with safe arms and
beating hearts.
This passion runs through us…
every instant…
it is up to us…
to keep the fire burning

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