Is It A Secret Or Your Privacy?


Is It A Secret Or Your Privacy?
A Secret Can Be A Barrier To Authentic Love

Secrets are felt energetically so it’s important to share and be clear with your partner, and to be truthful with yourself. Share your fears with your partner because secrets can threaten the trust. The place from within that is holding the secret can shut down your heart and create a barrier in the relationship. It’s important to keep an open flow of communication. If you are hiding something, an open heart will sense it.
Privacy is a self-honoring action, whereas a secret is embraced with fear, untruth or both. Sometimes we have experiences or feelings we want to keep private because we feel we are not safe to share the information with our partner.

If I have not shared truthfully with someone I can feel myself closed or inauthentic. 
I remember when I was opening to my spirituality and wanted to share it with my ex-husband. He would laugh at me or talk about it with friends in a
dishonoring way. I didn’t feel safe to share that part of myself with him because he would criticize, judge and mock me. So I closed off that part of me. My spirituality became my private world. Because this  was so important to me, I attracted Bruce, who not only respects that part of me but also celebrates along with me the spiritual connection we have together.


The Lie is the Pea Under Your Mattress

Once you see the lie, only the truth remains. The lie is the illusion to bring up the truth and once we see the lie, we can see the truth. Anything that feels uncomfortable can be a lie or a secret. Everything that feels good and powerful is comfortable because it comes from the truth of who we really are.

We can feel the untruth in another.  If we are in our own untruth and have a secret living
in us, our energy will be uncomfortable and can be felt. Remember the fable “The Princess and the Pea.”   The Pea is a symbol of secrets living under our mattress!

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