Breathe & Listen—Our Life Response Kit


Breathe & Listen—Our Life Response Kit
Become conscious of what is really going on at the point of emotional ignition.

As I connect to the presence of love, peace and acceptance, I am here inside where all is created.
From this place, faith takes me by the hand and the design of my future continues to weave in the space that has been waiting patiently for me to show up.
When I feel stuck in the dense fog of untruth, control, self doubt and fear, it is my ego and the ugly lie that ties me up with resistance.
I am the one who chooses to stay locked up or closed down.
My Breathing starts to insist on deepening and I consciously become aware that I must come back inside to release any negativity that confines me.
My Breath moves deeper into the body of energy that connects with my spirit.
The truth of my worth and compassion sets me free as forgiveness opens my heart to the priority of love.
Each step I take forward with the presence of unconditional love develops the confidence to move into the unknown.
To live right here, right now…in this moment…with full appreciation, gratitude and acceptance.
Joy embraces this time consciously and faith creates a vision that is ignited with anticipation.
I see it differently, I feel it with clarity, and I know it with my whole heart.
This journey has been personalized for my soul’s evolution.
The space in me has been realized as I release my past pain.
The lie does not desire to live in me any longer.
The lie of shame, guilt, unworthiness and feeling not good enough can dissolve.
I am the one to choose and in this moment the healthy loving choice is mine.
I support myself…spiritually, emotionally and physically…I am worthy.

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